Name : Vijeta Aka blackpearl

CTF Team: NULLKrypt3rs

College: IIIT Allahabad

Qualification: B.tech(Information Technology) currently in 3rd year

Interest: InfoSec, Playing CTFs, Reading technical blogs/article, Bug-Bounty and ultimate passion of solving different types of rubik’s.


  1. Geekhaven-Member, Cyber Security Wing (2018-2019)
    • Contribution in noob-2-pro project, a cyber security wing summer project.
  2. Organizer of Noob-CTF’18
    • Problem setter and admin.
  3. Organizer of Prototype’18
    • Prototype is a 36 hour long hackathon organized by Placement Cell of IIITA,Geekhaven and tesla in which a reputed organisation Headout offers full time job for two student and 2 month internship for one.
  4. Mentor OpenCode’19
    • Mentored the Road-cs project of Cyber Security.
    • Designed weekly task for Road-cs project
  5. Organizer of b00t2root’19
    • Problem setter and admin.
  6. Core Team Member HINT
  7. Organizer of JuniorCTF’19
    • Problem setter and admin.
  8. Geekhaven Coordinator, Cyber Security Wing (2019-present)